Home Inspection Checklist

Below is a list of home inspection items you can do prior to hiring an inspector. Review the property disclosure as soon as possible and bring the disclosure to your inspection. Also, bring whatever you find from this list to your inspector and be sure they include it on the report.


  • Outlet tester
  • Ladder
  • Measuring tape
  • Large level
  • Paper & pen
  • Flashlight
Address of house:
Year house built:
Year house renovated:
What is the sale history:
What is the MLS history:
Other offers fall through:
Annual taxes:
County Assessment:
Number of bedrooms:
Number of bathrooms:
Total square feet:
Finished square feet:
Price/square foot:
Average price for similar property:
Average rent for similar property:
Description of house online:
Review disclosure:
Cracks in walls?
Cracks in floor?
Do the floors sag?
What material is the foundation?
Cracks in exterior or foundation?
Crawlspace support system?
Basement, doors and walls square?
Water damage in lowest level of house?
Age of roof?
How many layers of roofing material?
Is there visible hail damage or turned up shingles?
Age of gutters?
Do gutters have correct slope?
Gutters rusted or have holes?
Sign of debris in gutters?
Gutters carry the water far enough away from the house?
Has system been updated?
Condition of electrical box?
Every switch functioning properly?
Every outlet wired correctly?
Are outlets in kitchen, bathroom & exterior GFCI?
Are there any open or hanging visible wires?
Age of furnace?
Age of hot water heater?
Age of air conditioning?
Age of all appliances included in sale?
Is there a sprinkler system?
Doors working properly?
Slope to prevent rain coming in?
Has there been trouble or replacement of sewer line?
What material is the plumbing?
Do the basement drains drain properly?
Does hot water work?
Water pressure in showers?
Are there survey markers?
Positive grade away from the house?
Are there dead trees on the property?
Are any trees too close to the foundation?
Pet, mold or cigarette smell?
Were permits filed for all updates?
Are all permits closed?
Is there an ILC or survey?
What is the City rental rules for landlords?
HOA or common wall agreements?
Flood zone?
Rough estimates for repairs: